Non-Residents: Taxation and Compliance Advisory Services

Canadian taxation system might find you obliged even if you do not reside in the country. This is possible if you have an income stream coming out of Canada or have some kind of financial interests in the country.

CRA, Canada Revenue Agency, ensures that incomes generated in Canada are cleared after necessary taxation and compliance certificates.

As a non-resident, you require services of a professional company that deals with income and other taxation laws and practices in Canada. EMPC can be your partner in such a case. We can help in all, and other related, situations discussed below.

Rental Properties

Even if you are not a resident of Canada, you may have rental properties in Canada from where you get some income or royalties. In such cases you are required by CRA to submit necessary income returns, such as the S.216 for your rental income or the S.217 for any pensions you now collect from Canada. Your EMPC consultant can take care of all the legal obligations on your behalf and guide you to better tax options.

Applications for Tax Identification Numbers

If you are applying for tax registration to CRA, the process requires exhausting correspondence and submission of a number of legal documents. The first thing you are going to need for such a situation is an Individual Tax Number - an ITN. Apart from an ITN, you might need an NR - a non-resident tax account number. Similarly, if you are initiating a business in the country, you will require a Business Number (or BN). Your EMPC consultant can help generate these registrations and help you maintain your tax transactions updated in Canada for you.

Certificates of Compliance

Compliance certifications, including clearance certificate for income tax are very important because their timely submission to CRA can lead to considerable tax reduction and even elimination. With guidance of your EMPC consultant, you can avail such benefits through timely issuance of your clearance certificate.

Tax Filing

Real estate tax, or other taxes, you owe CRA can lead to legal complexities. It is prudent to have a Canadian firm take care of your tax filings for you. EMPC can provide comprehensive services for your tax filing issues.